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Kung pao chicken   This Kung Pao Chicken is a Sichuan-style dish that many people love. The owner of the band-aid 8 in Nanluoguxiang simply printed the words “Kung Pao Chicken” on the polo shirt and sold it to customers. Kung Pao Chicken is also my favorite. Out of my love for this dish, I also pay more attention to it when making it. The meat must use chicken leg meat. In terms of meat quality, the chicken leg meat is red meat, th e chicken breast is white meat, and the chicken leg meat is more flexible. The use of chicken thighs to make Kung Pao chicken tastes good, and the fried chicken is smoother and tenderer.   Peanuts must be peeled so that the fried peanuts are crispier.Do not cut the green onions into large sections, but cut them from the middle and then cut into sections, so that the aroma of the scallions can be stimulated and the aroma of the scallions can be integrated into the chicken.When cooking this dish, stir-fry it quickly. Finally, the kung pao chicken that come
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Which leopard styles are popular this summer?How to choose leopard print dresses?

The popularity of leopard this summer was unexpected. This year's Leopard elegance has made this classic single product into the ranks of a high-level single product. This year's spring and summer T stage is also full of leopard, the following three figures are: Etro, Chistopho Kane, Versace Leopard prints have evolved from the 60s to today, transforming styles and patterns, but always bring out the naughty, charming, self and power of female hearts. 1: leopard print skirt s+solid color top Fendi keg bag, white cat eye glasses, zara rainbow shoes, a perfect summer. The leopard that is popular this summer, the fabric is light and thin, the length is below the knee, very elegant, very little aggressive . Tamara Ecclestone's high-waist leopard print skirt + nude sheer pumps ,show her long leg  i mmediately. Mid-to-long style leopard printed skirts increase the sense of elegance. The bloggers cleverly use black or white to neutralize th

What size of girls are suitable for wide leg pants?

For girls with wide cheekbones, good-looking legs, and leg-thickness who don't have a pair of “legs,” wide leg trousers can not only help to modify the imperfect leg shape, but also include pants, waists, abdomen, and lines. The design can also make most of the girls with imperfect stature thin overall. Next, let's talk about it - What type of wide leg pants is more suitable for you? Which are the types of wide leg pants? Wide leg pants are basically divided into H-type, A-type, lantern-type three. H-type wide-leg trousers, fabric soft and more. Because of the profile's need, the A-type material is stiffer. Lantern-type wide-leg pants are mostly characterized by waist folds and rolled trousers. White wide leg trousers are "wild models" in wide-leg pants. Plain, wave, stripes, printed tops, can be used with it . And basically, there will be no dress caused by improper clothes. No matter what your legs look like, after wearing wide le

How to wear wide leg pants can be significantly thin!

How to choose wide leg pants? [Significantly high: The best length to the instep] When choosing wide-leg pants , pay attention to the length . After wearing the trousers,either show a long leg, or show your slim leg.The normal length cannot show your personality. The wide leg trousers just to the ankle are more leg-length, probably when wearing flat shoes , the length of the trousers just falls on the instep. In addition, we must avoid too wide leg pants , not only can not achieve the effect of significantly higher and thinner, but it appears to be short and bloated. Especially the trousers leg opening, look at the following comparison chart to know, the same person, the same waist line, why the right figure is even shorter, because the right figure A wide leg pants trousers too wide, and the material is more heavy, causing the center of gravity Lower, brings a dwarf illusion. If you want to wear high-leg pants, you must highlight the waist line; in addition,

How to wear wide leg trousers?

Wide leg trousers , both the feeling of dress, but also keep the convenience of trousers, this kind of pants once popular once again! But now back to the stage again. Everyone knows wide leg pants are very hot, but in the end what kind of wide leg pants are beautiful enough? What color of wide leg trousers is fashionable enough? Stars, fashionistas tell us with street snap, rainbow color wide leg pants are the most popular , Look tired of black wide leg trousers ? Then why not come a rainbow wide leg trousers. 1: Blue+orange Blue is a very cool color, orange gives a very warm feeling. The impact of these two colors makes the shape stable and lively, very much like the feeling of spring. Same color collocation The collocation rule of the same color will be well unified up and down, giving a very harmonious feeling, and this kind of collocation rule is not easy to go wrong . A large area of high-brightness color gives people a strong visual impact, spring